Gema Reig

Gema Reig

Chief Marketing Officer, AXA Global DIRECT

Gema Reig is a consolidated leader and one on the Top100 Woman in Spain.
CMO and member of the Management Committee of AXA GLOBAL DIRECT, she runs the global marketing, digital channels and  the commercial network for the company.  She's  a reference in innovation, in the Internet channels and the marketing world with over 20 years of professional career. She is board member of the Asociación de Marketing de España and jury in some of the most prestigious Awards in Spain.
Her commitment to marketing, her proactive attitude and her great experience has allowed her to lead numerous a innovative initiatives throughout her career, around the brand and the communication for superior customer experience   in the communication and digital customer experience. Reig, among others, was the promoter of the online private banking for BBVA and, also, the architect of DIRECT Seguros Brand repositioning, announced by the company in 2013. This project has received numerous awards, highlighting a Gold Transform Award, a Laus Award for design in the Corporate Identity Graphic Design category and a Bronze in the prestigious Eficacia Awards in the Commercial Efficiency category.
Reig, has taken an active role boosting women in directive positions, she’s board member of the ESADE Women Leadership Forum among others. She has been awarded by Anuncios Magazine with the Women to Follow Award.