Matthias Patz

Matthias Patz

VP Innovation & New Ventures, Deutsche Bahn

As vice president Innovation & New Ventures, Matthias Patz is responsible for the entire innovation process at DB Systel, the IT service provider of Deutsche Bahn Group (DB). Building on the concept of intrapreneurship, Matthias put in place an entire ecosystem to support employees with innovative ideas. Besides the establishment of an innovation center to incubate and accelerate ideas in order to validate problem-solution-fit, he also manages internal venture teams to scale those business ideas to product-market-fit.
Recently, two new teams have been funded in the fields of artificial intelligence and virtual reality.
Prior to that Matthias worked as digital strategist within business development and held crucial roles in strategic and IT project such as program manager and agility master. Since he always was dedicated to innovation and the cultural change needed, he initiated human resource development programs for design thinking and creativity methods within the DB group.
Matthias frequently speaks at innovation and digitization events such as Corporate Startup Summit, Year of the Goat or Intrapreneurship Conference. He contributes to articles in industry publications including “Deine Bahn” and “Digital Leadership”. His achievements have also been reported on in newspapers like Tagesspiegel and Südeutsche Zeitung. Before joining Deutsche Bahn, Matthias founded a startup. Therefore he has still strong connections within the startup ecosystem. Consulting and advising several startups he keeps himself busy with new technologies and business models to challenge the status quo. Matthias is also the co-organizer of Leancamp Berlin – an unconference to connect different communities and foster the exchange of experiences.

Matthias holds a Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management from the University of Twente, Netherlands, and an Master of Science from the TU Berlin, Germany.

You can follow him on Twitter (@matthiaspatz) and connect via LinkedIn